SAMP Indentitation is a new website for SAMP. It is used to easely remove tabsize warnings from your SAMP Script.

Why us?

  • Your code keeps safe, it does not save in our script.
  • We have a fast script, made by a great scripter: Emmet_

About us

We are a non-profit website which wants to make scripting for you much easier. Our script is very stable and has no bugs occuring at the moment. We want you to make use of our script because it is safe, your codes won't be saved so it is save to use.

Latest News


Our page has been fixed, and the new template works now. If you find any bug you can report it to [WA]iRonan at the SAMP Forums.


Our page is occuring problems with it's template, you are still able to convert your codes, but our template is gone for the moment. Sorry for the problems!


A new template has been added, and makes our site look better, nothing changed in the converter.